Sails, Systems, and Sunshine

This has been an interesting week on Skiron.

I worked with a local rigger to obtain quotes on a replacement Genoa sail. I did a lot of my own research on sailcloths, cuts, styles, etc.

I’ve decided to go with sails by Hood Sailmakers. They craft the sails in Rhode Island. A local Hood loft will finalize their order and likely assist the rigger with the installation. I’ve selected the cross cut Vectron sail cloths. The Genoa will be 120%. I will also replace the self-tacking jib. The mainsail will be replaced later this sailing season.

One of the riggers went up the mast this week in order to retrieve the furling mechanism that the head of the Genoa sail attaches to prior to being hoisted. Yours truly had hoisted it after pulling off the Genoa believing that it would be best at the mast rather than at the furling drum at deck level. Oops. I was about to climb the mast myself when the rigger (thankfully) showed up to do the job.

Gotta love the architecture of this scene and the interesting sky in the background, too!

I spent a lot of time working through the system design and function of the heating system on Skiron. I’ve learned a lot but there is more to understand to master the system.

Unfortunately, I was outside at the vessel for about an hour on Friday this week. I inadvertently omitted my usual slather of sunscreen and, as you might expect, ended up with a sunburned face. Sailors….don’t forget the sunscreen!!

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