New Sails!

After much anticipation, an a long wait due to the influence COVID-19 has had on sail manufacturing, the sails for Skiron have been replaced. I also replaced some of the running rigging (lines and ropes).

As previously alluded to, I purchased cruising sails from Hood and I like them a lot… far. All I need now is suitable wind for an inaugural sail to get a feel for their performance.

Of course, I could have probably installed the sails and the new rigging but these tasks are best left to the experts. Tom Relyea of South Beach Riggers and Robin Sodaro of Hood sails did superb work.

The Genoa is about 120% in size. It should work well for light winds and downwind sailing.

Genoa unfurled with a light wind on the starboard stern quarter at the dock.

The self-tacking Jib is my choice as the primary head sail above 16 knots of wind.

I’m going to LOVE the clewboard on the self-tacking jib!

The Main sail is lovely. I had the Forgus logo and the hull number painted on the main to pay homage to the Forgus company from Sweden that crafted Skiron.

I like the vertical battens.
Skiron, then Lindisfarne, with original sails displaying Forgus logo and hull number.

A few other projects were also completed including installation of two replacement headsail furling line clutches, new sheets (ropes and lines to control sails, etc.

Splices are quite interesting…….

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