Spartite for the Mast

I have noted a slight ingress of water at the mast intersection with the deck the entire time I’ve owned Skiron.

It always seemed to me that water was passing through the deck on the outside of the mast and trickling into the bilge. It was never enough to set off the bilge pump. After a day sailing in the ocean, and especially after three more days of heavy steady rain during the winter, I would be required to take a sponge and a bucket and sponge the water out of the bilge. It was never more than a quart. It had become more of a nuisance than anything. Mostly, because I try to be fastidious and take care of issues and, further, I didn’t want the boat to ever smell like a boat that had water in it.

Water is a very tiny molecule. It will find the tiniest of cracks and welcome itself to where it is most unwelcome.

I consulted with the Rigger who had installed my new sails and also had accomplished a few other small projects. They suggested spartite as a solution. The project is now underway!

Here are a few photos of the project that is underway.

The boom vang has been disconnected from the mast. The mast has been stabilized further with the orange ties.
The ceiling where the mast comes through the deck and a decorative collar were removed. A foam-like dam was created around the mast from inside the cabin. the dam is to keep the spartite at the deck level so that it does not run down due to gravity before it polymerizes.
The mast in the cabin was wrapped with a moving blanket for protection from water or materials that might enter the boat before the project is complete.
The spartite (black stuff) was poured. It appears that a dam was made for the edges. The mast boot, the grey material at the top of the photo, will be replaced.

I look forward to completion of the project so as to not be required to sponge water from the bilge anymore.

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