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Hanging Fenders

In an ideal world, one wouldn’t require fenders to protect the sides of a boat. If there were no wind, or moving water, or inertia of a vessel, it would be easy to pull up to the side of a dock, stop in place, tie up and be on your way…..no fenders required to protectContinue reading “Hanging Fenders”


Wind. I could write for hours about it. How it’s generated. Why it comes from where it does. Why it changes. What is meant by backing and veering. About its force. How it interacts with a sailboat. The differences between apparent and relative wind. Points of sail. How it interacts with and changes the surfaceContinue reading “Wind”

Deck Water Fill Port

Someone once said something to the effect that water is a very tiny thing that can find its way into the tiniest of crevices that are so small as to not even be seen. If you own a boat then you know this to be true. Not long ago, my sailing partner noticed that herContinue reading “Deck Water Fill Port”

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