Adventures in Sailing

Hanging Fenders

In an ideal world, one wouldn’t require fenders to protect the sides of a boat. If there were no wind, or moving water, or inertia of a vessel, it would be easy to pull up to the side of a dock, stop in place, tie up and be on your way… fenders required to protectContinue reading “Hanging Fenders”


Wind. I could write for hours about it. How it’s generated. Why it comes from where it does. Why it changes. What is meant by backing and veering. About its force. How it interacts with a sailboat. The differences between apparent and relative wind. Points of sail. How it interacts with and changes the surfaceContinue reading “Wind”

Taking on water….

I suppose that I’m a bit old-fashioned when it comes to some aspects of sailing. This is especially true in regards to matters related to navigation. While I appreciate the chartplotter and GPS, I do believe there is no substitute for the classic approach to navigating a sailing vessel with paper charts, a compass, dividers,Continue reading “Taking on water….”

Skiron Interior

I’ve seen a lot of sailboats. I’ve been inside most of them. The most spectacular interior I’ve ever encountered was in a well-appointed Hylas 54. It had the feeling of an Italian hotel. Loved it! I do, however, love the simple pleasures of the interior of Skiron. It seems original with exception of a fewContinue reading “Skiron Interior”

Book Recommendation

This ocean atlas is a superb work for those interested in planning cruising routes. It shows monthly average winds, currents, storm activity and more for all regions of our globe of interest to cruisers, the Navies of the world, etc.

Sailors Knots: Coils

Coils exist in many shapes and forms. Here are a few handy ones useful for securing and stowing spare lines, the ends of halyards, etc. The loops of most coils are made clockwise.

Sailors Knots: Loops

There are two basic loop knots that I am inclined to use on Skiron. First is a simple loop that has two forms. Then….there’s the Bowline that is one of the most important knots to know.

Sailors Knots: Halyard Hitches

There are a few useful hitches that are employed to secure halyards. They are fairly impressive. The more I tie them the more I like them. They can be used anytime one must securely fastened a line. I’m not sure how to tie these under load but they’re good to know.


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