Adventures in Sailing

Radar Love

I’m reminded of the hit song “Radar Love” by Golden Earring released in 1973 every time I flip the toggle switch to turn on RADAR aboard Skiron. I was 12 years old. The song was popular for years as I used to hear it driving at night long after I received my driver’s license atContinue reading “Radar Love”

Notes on Navigation

I recently had the pleasure of navigating a skipper tag boat from Sausalito to Half Moon Bay and back for a great friend. I must say that it was a pleasure to, once again, be involved in the educational process of Club Nautique. My basic principles of navigation were reinforced on several occasions. I’ll focusContinue reading “Notes on Navigation”

US Sailing Safety at Sea

I’ve completed all of the coursework and the hands-on experience and I’m now fully certified. The hands-on experience at the Encinal Yacht Club in Alameda was superb! enjoyed meeting several legends in sailing who were hired as instructors. I also enjoyed meeting other sailors working to achieve certification in this arena. I felt the mostContinue reading “US Sailing Safety at Sea”

Mainsail Trim: Outhaul

Most recognize the outhaul as the principal way to pull the mainsail out of an in-mast furling mechanism. Those who flake their sails probably have a better understanding of how to properly use this sail control device. During my training, we did nothing more than pull the sail all the way out when we wereContinue reading “Mainsail Trim: Outhaul”

Mainsail Trim: Boom Vang

The vang, though it’s action seems fairly straightforward, is yet another rarely used sail trim control on sailing vessels. The main purpose of the vang is to keep the boom from rising on downwind points of sail and especially on the deep broad reaches. Preventing the boom from rising avoids too much twist in theContinue reading “Mainsail Trim: Boom Vang”

Mainsail Trim: Traveler

In my experience, the traveler is one of the least used and poorly understood main sail control devices. I wasn’t taught anything about it’s use during my training with Club Nautique. In fact, it wasn’t until I acquired Skiron that I began to read about and experiment with the device. As mentioned in another post,Continue reading “Mainsail Trim: Traveler”


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