Lewis Blevins

Sailor, Artist, Musician, Driving Enthusiast, Physician, Father, and more…..

I reside in and set sail from Sausalito, California. I remember the notion of sailing first coming to my mind as a child when my father took us to Annapolis, Maryland. The images of a multitude of sailing vessels in the harbor remains fixed in my mind. I occasionally fantasized of one day becoming a physician, residing in Maryland and regularly sailing the Chesapeake Bay. Having been born in Havre de Grace, Maryland, a small town on the bay, I suppose the call to sail might have been something I was born to one day answer. As an adult, I sailed with friends in Ireland and also in New Jersey. I relocated from Nashville, Tennessee to San Francisco, California in 2007. At that time I felt the call to learn to sail. Unfortunately, life and work kept me fairly well occupied. It wasn’t until I relocated to Sausalito three years ago, after residing in the coast of Sonoma County for over three years, that I decided it was time to begin my formal training in sailing. I joined Club Nautique, a superb sailing club in Sausalito, and started working my way through a number of US Sailing certifications. I am currently certified in Coastal Passage Making and I am a student in the Ocean Passage Making program. I purchased a sailboat in December 2018 for innumerable reasons. I have learned a tremendous amount of information regarding the art and science of sailing, air, sea, and land and have made many great friends along my journey.

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