Vertical Mainsail Battens: A cautionary tale.

I added a new mainsail this year. It was well-constructed and quite beautiful. It did, however, have full length vertical battens. Four of them. The one most proximal to the mast was about 40 ft in length. The next ones were about 30, 20, and 10 feet in length, respectively. My old sail had threeContinue reading “Vertical Mainsail Battens: A cautionary tale.”

Bonding System Upgrade

A recent evaluation by a marine electrician to determine whether my boat was over-zinced was followed by a recommendation to update the bonding system of Skiron. The vessel was bonded according to European standards when constructed in Sweden and it was suggested that we bring it to US standards. I must admit, however, that IContinue reading “Bonding System Upgrade”

More on “Zinc” anodes….a guest blog post.

I received a very interesting and rather informative message from Matt Esser in response to my post regarding excessive zinc anodes on Skiron. I asked for his permission to post his comments here and, rather than tacking it onto the end of my post, decided that it was worthy of a separate blog entry. HereContinue reading “More on “Zinc” anodes….a guest blog post.”

Haul Out…. what the zinc is going on?

Every two years or so I haul the boat out of water so that the bottom can be painted with a type of paint that inhibits growth of algae and other things that might otherwise be inclined to establish a home on the hull of my vessel. This year, I also planned to have theContinue reading “Haul Out…. what the zinc is going on?”

Taking on water….

I suppose that I’m a bit old-fashioned when it comes to some aspects of sailing. This is especially true in regards to matters related to navigation. While I appreciate the chartplotter and GPS, I do believe there is no substitute for the classic approach to navigating a sailing vessel with paper charts, a compass, dividers,Continue reading “Taking on water….”