Danger Bearings or How to get into Half Moon Bay in the fog.

I hadn’t created danger bearing in probably about four years. I was required to do so this past weekend as I was navigating for a friend who was certifying as skipper in the CPM program at Club Nautique. Our sail took us out into the ocean for a distance then back to shore in theContinue reading “Danger Bearings or How to get into Half Moon Bay in the fog.”

US Sailing Safety at Sea

I’ve completed all of the coursework and the hands-on experience and I’m now fully certified. The hands-on experience at the Encinal Yacht Club in Alameda was superb! enjoyed meeting several legends in sailing who were hired as instructors. I also enjoyed meeting other sailors working to achieve certification in this arena. I felt the mostContinue reading “US Sailing Safety at Sea”

US Sailing Safety at Sea Courses.

I’ve completed two of three sections of this three part series. I’ll, hopefully, be able to complete the third section, required in person, sometime later this year. The on-line courses are superb. They are highly informative, practical, and I believe, essential for all who spend a significant amount of time on the water. I foundContinue reading “US Sailing Safety at Sea Courses.”

Mainsail Trim: Adjustable Backstay

I did not learn to sail on vessels with adjustable backstays. It wasn’t until I acquired Skiron that I started to understand this important way of controlling both the main and headsails. Now, I would feel at a loss on what to do if I were sailing a vessel without the important functional control. MyContinue reading “Mainsail Trim: Adjustable Backstay”

Mainsail Trim: Boom Vang

The vang, though it’s action seems fairly straightforward, is yet another rarely used sail trim control on sailing vessels. The main purpose of the vang is to keep the boom from rising on downwind points of sail and especially on the deep broad reaches. Preventing the boom from rising avoids too much twist in theContinue reading “Mainsail Trim: Boom Vang”