Navigation Lights

I attended Skiron this evening so as to avail myself of an opportunity to evaluate the function of all navigation lights. Everything was in working order. Interior lights are also functional. The rigging and other above deck items will be inspected next.

The stern light.
The red port light on the bow. Port wine is red. “The ship LEFT the PORT keeping RED to PORT.”
The green starboard light on the bow.
The steaming light (top) and a deck light both located on the mast.
For ocean sailing….the green starboard light of the tricolor at the top of the mast. Also, note the white anchor light at the very top of the light fixture.
The red port light of the tricolor. Anchor light above the tricolor.

OK sailors…..what type of lines should I be using at the dock to secure the boat for the apparent weather as indicated in the last photo?

Earlier today………

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