Sailing Pacific Ocean 05/24/2020

Sailing by the numbers….

3 people on the boat

2 people with the same name (Pavel and Paul)

10 nautical miles into the ocean past the Golden Gate Bridge

345 feet the largest depth noted

25.5 knots the largest gust of wind noted

0.25 the proportion of fuel remaining in the main fuel tank at the start of our journey.

1.0 the proportion of fuel in the reserve tank at the start of our journey

0.5 the proportion of our time spent under sail (no point in sailing upwind against a very strong flood current on the way out the gate)

3 the number of urgencies addressed by the USCG noted monitoring channel 16 during the day

4 large vessels seen coming and going in the shipping lane

1201 feet the length of the longest ship seen today

37 feet the length of Skiron

14 knots the top speed of the fastest largest ship per AIS data

7.5 knots the fastest noted speed of Skiron today

5 feet high the largest swell noted today

14 seconds between swells today

0 whales seen today

TNTC (too numerous to count) different conversations on the vessel today

Immeasurable the amount of fun had today

Pavel at the helm downwind 8 miles out from GGB.
Land ho!!!
Main sheet….boom out….. deep broad reach downwind sailing…..wind over port side…..swell on port quarter……I was tempted to employ the preventer!

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