Sailors Knots: Introduction

I’ve learned a lot about knots, hitches, and other ways of fastening ropes to different objects on a sailboat over the past few years.

I had a few recent experiences that helped me understand that I had forgotten a few important aspects of knot tying. I was prompted to refresh my memory of critical knots and to learn some additional ones. I flipped through the entire book by Ashley on knots and learned a few new ones. I chose to study and learn a knots and hitches that might prove to be useful to me on Skiron.

I’ve decided to share videos of the knots I find most useful on these blog pages. My intent is twofold. First, to be able to, in the future, quickly review my collection of knots and, second, to share these clever twists of line with those of you learning useful knots. I will present the knots in groupings according to types.

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