Electrical Matters

I must admit that boat electronics and electrical systems are my biggest weaknesses. I studied chemistry in college. I thoroughly enjoyed electricity and magnetism in physics. You’d think I’d have an aptitude for electrical stuff. But….I don’t. Perhaps it’s because I actually fear electricity for a number of different reasons. I don’t believe it is an irrational fear either. Electrical matters, whether they pertain to my sailing vessel or my home, are best left to qualified experts.

The bonding system of Skiron was revised and upgraded in 2021.

One example of over 30 bonding points.

Additional work accomplished is far to complicated to recount here. Suffice it to say that the orientation of batteries were changed, breakers with fuses were installed, electrical systems were revised, switches and bus bars were installed, a new inverter was installed, and much more.

I’ve learned a lot about systems and operations working with Malcolm Morgan of Malcolm Morgan Marine in Sausalito. He is extremely insightful and a superb problem solver as well as a patient instructor.

Truthfully, I feel that I’m just getting started on these matters. It’s a good start though.

This compartment is just one that is much more organized.
A new schematic for reference.
One of three solar panels on Skiron.

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