If sailboats could talk…

I am either the fifth or sixth owner of my sailing vessel Skiron. She has has several prior names having been christened Lindisfarne for most of her time in the water. My friends Annika Koch and Bjorn Christensson of Sweden owned Lindisfarne and have blogged extensively regarding their journeys, adventures, upgrades and more during a long period of ownership. Annika and Bjorn deserve much of the credit for bringing the vessel alive and ensuring that she is seaworthy with redundancy of systems that is often necessary when crossing ocean passages. Imagine…. this vessel has crossed Drakes Passage at Cape Horn and cruised in Antarctica!! At any rate, I’m grateful for the work they had accomplished to create such a unique vessel and also for their generosity in answering my multitude of questions related to the vessel and it’s operation. Their blog, replete with maps, plenty of stunning photographs and vivid captivating journal entries is located at https://www.sailaround.info

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