Sailing Skiron

Welcome to Sailing Skiron. Skiron, the name of my sailboat, is taken from the Greek name of the Northwest wind. This is the predominant wind off the coast of Northern California. Skiron is a Forgus 37. The 37 stands for 37 feet in length. It was crafted in Sweden by the company Forgus. It is an excellent vessel that is well designed, modified and suited to sailing in the SF Bay and also across oceans. I have owned the vessel since December 2018.

In these pages I will introduce you to Skiron, myself, and my sailing friends. I will share my adventures and love of sailing, things I’ve accomplished and learned along the way, plenty of observations and nonsense, and will share my advice, engineered by experience, on learning to sail for those of you new to the avocation.

Stay tuned. There’s a lot more to follow!

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