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I am currently reading and recommend this book. It is extremely well written and chronicles the authors single-handed sailing adventure around the world. It is illustrated with line drawings and photographs. There is plenty to learn about sailing, in general, from his journal entries. The appendix really “knocks it out of the park“ with instructive commentary regarding aspects of the boat, sailing, repairs, etc.

One thought on “Book Recommendation

  1. A few months before my Singlehanded Transpacific to Kauai (1980), I had the incredible experience of spending a couple of hours with Bernard in Josua’s cockpit in Sausalito just talking with him about solo sailing. He gave me lots of encouragement as well as tips on sleep regimens to balance out day & nighttime living at sea. I was very lucky to have a mutual sailing friend who had lived on his boat in the same anchorage as Bernard in Tahiti & arranged the meeting with the very gracious & unassuming sailing legend.

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