Club Nautique

I highly recommend Club Nautique, with locations in Sausalito and Alameda. to anyone wishing to learn to sail. The club has a national and international reputation and attracts those wishing to learn to sail from all over the world.

I first learned of the Club when I was researching sailing schools in the bay area. I reached out and they suggested that I join one of the Sunday Souper Sails to get out on the water with club members to determine whether my interests would continue after one or more afternoon spent on the bay. Having already sailed, I knew, in advance, that I would be hooked. And, I was. I joined the club and signed up for classes immediately. In a few short weeks, I began my studies with the Basic Keelboat classes. I progressed through the series of classes and completed the work through Coastal Passage Making in October 2018. Thereafter, I was selected by faculty and staff as student of the year in recognition of my dedication and performance during the courses.

I am in the process of collecting my thoughts and experiences with each of the different classes and will blog regarding each particular course and certification offered. My aim is to provide advice for those progressing through the courses so that they may better prepare and take advantage of instruction and opportunities presented during the sailing classes. I’ll spend some time writing about things one needs to learn that might not be included in the course work or otherwise evident to learners. I’ll speak of mistakes I’ve made, mistakes made by others, and of plenty of things done correctly. I don’t mean to focus on mistakes but understanding what may and can go wrong, and evaluating errors in judgment and action, are often the most remembered important lessons in sailing.

Three days in the sun and the wind reddens ones face. The lack of good sleep for a few days on the boat doesn’t help ones “photo opportunity.” This photo was taken upon completion of Coastal Passage Making. The Club Nautique burgee is awarded upon successful completion of the course.

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