Sailing the SF Bay Summer 2020

Sailing this summer has been rather interesting. I’ve not been dissuaded by the COVID-19 pandemic. In fact, I’m convinced sailing on the Bay might just be the safest place to be! The main limitation to sailing this year has been the wildfire smoke that has had us enshrouded for the better part of the past two months. The air quality is, simply put, rather unhealthy……even with a mask covering mouth and nose. I have, however, spent several of the better days on the Bay and a few more on the boat with cleaning and other maintenance tasks that had to be accomplished.

I cleaned the teak well this summer. This time, I chose to not oil the teak but instead to enjoy its natural weathered appearance.

Wet teak. Teak on the left has been cleaned. Teak on the right just before cleaning.
Weathered look to the dry cleaned teak.

The ash from the fires began to settle on the boat about a week after I cleaned the teak. Rinsing it off was a first step to a thorough cleaning. I was amazed to see water turn to a brown gravy-like substance that then drained off the side of the boat. Since wet ash turns to lye the rinse was followed by a thorough wash with soap and water.

Swabbing the deck.

I cleaned the knotmeter and fathometer after the vessel had sat idle for six weeks. Growth of marine plant life was rather advanced. yuck!

Marine life adherent to the depth and speed sensor.

I also cleaned the strainer in the system that pumps in seawater to cool the Diesel engine exhaust. There was only very little accumulated “stuff” that had to be cleared.

Strainer before cleaning.
Strainer after cleaning.

I spent some time on the western end of Mt. Tamalpais thinking of sailing.

I’ve sailed those waters below.

I didn’t take that many photos during my several spectacular journeys on the water this summer. Suffice it to say the winds were tremendous and the sailing was all good!

Some unfortunate boat owner took on an amount of water sufficient to sink his vessel.
Fog rolls in…..

Motoring in the Sausalito channel.

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