Whipping the end of Lines

Hang around sailboats long enough, and pay attention to what you’re seeing, and you’re sure to take notice of a few rather curious things that have been crafted by human hands. Knots are one thing. Splices and whipping are yet another!

Whipping is a wrap of a thread, usually waxed, at the end of a line or rope to keep it from fraying. I decided that it was time to not only learn but also to employ this technique designed to prolong the life of the end of a line.

The process is rather straightforward and explained in this article.


I purchased a couple 5 feet lengths of line to practice knots and to have spares segments of line on the boat in the event of need. I also obtained some waxed line and a sailmakers needle to do the whipping.

The thread and needle are sold as a kit at West Marine.
First attempt. Should be good enough!
I’m certain that practice will make perfect.

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