US Sailing Safety at Sea Courses.

I’ve completed two of three sections of this three part series. I’ll, hopefully, be able to complete the third section, required in person, sometime later this year.

The on-line courses are superb. They are highly informative, practical, and I believe, essential for all who spend a significant amount of time on the water. I found the information presented to be a nice review but, more importantly, an opportunity to learn well beyond what I had already known about various aspects of safety at sea. I feel much more prepared to go to sea than ever before.

The on-line course consisted of a series of videos. Each one was different but quite well done, concise, and engaging. Most included demonstrations. All had the text along with the video. There is also a supplemental textbook that one can keep on a sailing vessel for reference.

My only criticism is that some of the information presented in the first section was repeated in the second. On the other hand, repetition is always a good way to gain a full understanding of information presented.

Each of the two sections was divided into 8 to 10 chapters. Each chapter had 6-10 subsections and each of these had a particular associated video. Further, each chapter was followed by a 10 question quiz. In all, I probably spent a total of 20 hours on this coursework. I don’t remember how many questions composed the final exam for section 1 but section 2 had 100 questions on the final. A minimum score of 80% was required to pass.

I encourage all to take this relatively inexpensive course. The material covered is so very important. In my view, it should be required to pass the US Sailing Coastal Passage Making adventure.

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