US Sailing Safety at Sea

I’ve completed all of the coursework and the hands-on experience and I’m now fully certified.

The hands-on experience at the Encinal Yacht Club in Alameda was superb! enjoyed meeting several legends in sailing who were hired as instructors. I also enjoyed meeting other sailors working to achieve certification in this arena.

I felt the most educational part of the day involved spending time in the pool learning how life vests and life rafts operate. Hands-on demonstration of the use of a life sling to hoist a crewmember back on board was also useful. Emergency repairs underway was also a highlight of the course for me.

View from the yacht club.
Life raft in the pool at the yacht club.
Leak repair station

Honestly, I felt the hands on course could have been twice as long in order to facilitate additional learning. Other than that, I have no criticisms of the experience. The entire experience was worth the time and effort.

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