Coastal Passage Making: Crew Position….. Club Nautique

I can’t tell you how exciting it is to be in the midst of final preparations for your first CPM adventure. The email chatter amongst the team started about nine days prior to departure. I didn’t find our skipper to be very engaged but I didn’t truly know what to expect. The navigator did notContinue reading “Coastal Passage Making: Crew Position….. Club Nautique”

Structure of the Coastal Passage Making experience… Club Nautique

As I mentioned earlier, CPM is a complex series of educational experiences where you work with others and gradually demonstrate a number of proficiencies and an ability to lead a crew of sailors as skipper of a sailboat. In this post I will try to help you understand the structure of the experiences so thatContinue reading “Structure of the Coastal Passage Making experience… Club Nautique”

Preparing for Coastal Passage Making (CPM)….Club Nautique

You’ve completed Coastal Navigation and are ready to jump right into CPM. Hold on a minute. You’re not ready! Take some time to get out on the water and refine your sailing skills. There are plenty more opportunities at Club Nautique to further your education and prepare for the complexity of CPM. Remember, the goalContinue reading “Preparing for Coastal Passage Making (CPM)….Club Nautique”

Coastal Navigation….Club Nautique

This course is, arguably, the most informative and perhaps the most difficult of all when it comes to mastering the material and passing the examination. I find that it is replete with information that anyone getting out on the water should have in their minds as knowledge that is developed to be well founded andContinue reading “Coastal Navigation….Club Nautique”

Bareboat……Club Nautique

If you’ve come this far, and taken it seriously, than you’ve made a lot of progress towards learning to sail. Bareboat classes are something different altogether when compared to the two basic classes. Get your rest. You’ll be tired when this course is over. Trust me. This course prepares you to charter a boat inContinue reading “Bareboat……Club Nautique”

Basic Cruising…..Club Nautique

In my opinion, this class is a must after successful completion of the basic keelboat class. Hopefully, prior to signing up for this class, you have spent some time in the Colgate vessels and honed your beginners skills as a sailor. Basic cruising classes are taught over two weekends or else over four consecutive days.Continue reading “Basic Cruising…..Club Nautique”

Basic Keelboat…..Club Nautique

So, you think you want to learn to sail. Perhaps you’ve been sailing and want to formalize your education and learn to do things correctly. Or, maybe you are new to this avocation. Regardless, basic keelboat classes at Club Nautique are a great start on the journey to what could be a lifetime of adventureContinue reading “Basic Keelboat…..Club Nautique”

Book Recommendation

This book is superb! The author, the first to circumnavigate the globe vertically, admixes lore, history, geography, meteorology, and ocean characteristics with his retelling of the voyages of mariners who have rounded Cape Horn…..many of them having done so while circumnavigating the globe. I finished this tome with a greater understanding of what it mustContinue reading “Book Recommendation”

Book Recommendation

I am currently reading and recommend this book. It is extremely well written and chronicles the authors single-handed sailing adventure around the world. It is illustrated with line drawings and photographs. There is plenty to learn about sailing, in general, from his journal entries. The appendix really “knocks it out of the park“ with instructiveContinue reading “Book Recommendation”