Coastal Passage Making: Tag Boat Skipper…. Club Nautique

The tag boat skipper position is the last position you must pass in order to receive your certification in the coastal passage making course in the US Sailing program at Club Nautique. Basically, you must skipper a sailboat, with your very own hand-selected crew to sail along with you, but there will not be anContinue reading “Coastal Passage Making: Tag Boat Skipper…. Club Nautique”

Coastal Passage Making: Skipper……. Club Nautique

We departed the Moss Landing Harbor and soon were upon the Moss Landing safe water mark. The fog had lifted sufficiently from the surface of the water but it was still overcast. We were en route to the harbor in Santa Cruz. After some time, the fog returned and we no longer had sight ofContinue reading “Coastal Passage Making: Skipper……. Club Nautique”

Coastal Passage Making: Navigator ……Club Nautique

Prior to sailing as navigator on a CPM boat you should re-read the coastal navigation textbook. Revisit some of your homework problems. Go sailing and do some navigation on the water. I recommend that, if you have not already done so, complete your review of the Annapolis book of Seamanship and re-read the coastal passageContinue reading “Coastal Passage Making: Navigator ……Club Nautique”

Single-handled sailing from San Francisco to Kauai ……..guest blogger Michael Herz

Joshua Slocum, the first man to complete a solo circumnavigation, reported that someone had steered his boat through a dark and stormy night while he was too sick to even stand up. Ernest Shackleton sensed a “helping presence” on his harrowing crossing of the south polar seas as did “Lucky” Lindbergh during the first soloContinue reading “Single-handled sailing from San Francisco to Kauai ……..guest blogger Michael Herz”

Coastal Passage Making: Junior Navigator…..Club Nautique

The junior navigator position, basically, is a hybrid position between navigator and crew. You will assist in sailing the vessel but also you are the assistant to the navigator. In advance of the journey, you will probably be asked to report the weather on a daily basis. You might be asked to draw up anchoringContinue reading “Coastal Passage Making: Junior Navigator…..Club Nautique”