Sailing Pacific Ocean 05/24/2020

Sailing by the numbers…. 3 people on the boat 2 people with the same name (Pavel and Paul) 10 nautical miles into the ocean past the Golden Gate Bridge 345 feet the largest depth noted 25.5 knots the largest gust of wind noted 0.25 the proportion of fuel remaining in the main fuel tank atContinue reading “Sailing Pacific Ocean 05/24/2020”

Autopilots: who’s at the helm?

My first experience with an autopilot was in the cockpit of a Piper Archer II fixed gear low wing aircraft. I didn’t really care much for it. Sure. It maintained a course. I felt more comfortable, however, with my hand on the “stick” as I was more prepared to quickly deal with updrafts and downdrafts.Continue reading “Autopilots: who’s at the helm?”

Ocean Passage Making: Five days in the open ocean with 5 random friends.

A guest blog by Pavel Sokolov People often ask me what OPM class is all about? What should you be prepared for? Is it hard? Is it worth it? I will attempt to cover some of these questions in this blog post. It has been roughly a year since I graduated from the program. SomeContinue reading “Ocean Passage Making: Five days in the open ocean with 5 random friends.”

Celestial Navigation….Club Nautique

Seafarers, since the beginning of time, have used their observations of wind, waves, currents, bird migrations and more to understand how to get from one place to another over the oceans of the world. It is clear that stars and other bright objects in the sky, including the sun and the moon, have been utilizedContinue reading “Celestial Navigation….Club Nautique”